Why Ally With Access-a-doc?

Ally with Access-a-doc


We help expand your traditional practice to include house call & telehealth services with little-to-no
effort on your end.

Access-a-doc helps you deliver primary medical service to your patient in their home settings. Access-a-doc partners with primary care physicians to connect them with their current patient base via a house call and telehealth hybrid model. We provide trained care coordinators known as Tele-presenters to transport and use a proprietary mobile kit to your patient's location. We don't compete with your practice; 
we partner with it to deliver a new type of healthcare to your patient population.  Access-a-doc is currently providing service in several New York City neighborhoods, Miami Florida, Huntsville Alabama, and growing. 

Access-a-doc connects you to your patients for diagnosis and treatment. Our Tele-Presenters go to your patient's home: no more crowded waiting rooms, ERs, or urgent-care centers for minor illnesses. The good old days of the Doctor Housecall is back with a 21st-century twist.